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Project Description
The Silverlight P2P library integrates Silverlight 2 with Live Messenger Activities, introducing the concept of Silverlight Activities. The Silverlight class library exposes the P2P Activity API. Included is a managed representation of the P2P API in an abstract P2PApplication class. This base class completely hides the details of JavaScript interop and the unmanaged P2P communication layer.

See for more details
  • Application lifetime management (including support for connection time-outs)
  • Sending and receiving p2p data
  • Read-write access to incoming instant messages
  • Access to details of participating users
  • Graceful exception handling
  • A P2PTurnBasedGame base class implementing the common features of a turn based game

Reversi demo
In order to demonstrate the functionality of the P2P library, the game of Reversi has been implemented as a Silverlight activity. The source code of the game is available as well.

Windows Live Activities require an Activity host (such as the Windows Live Messenger), you cannot just run the application in a web browser.

Running Reversi in the Windows Live Messenger
Requires two instances of the Windows Live Messenger and two Live accounts.
  • Download and install the Windows Live Messenger on two seperate machines.
  • Start the activity on one machine from (view activity details).
  • Accept the activity invitation on the other machine.

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